Trending: Gold

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I feel as if gold home accents get a bad wrap. While it can quickly turn from cute to gaudy if overdone, a few pieces here and there gives the room a classic, polished feel. Lately, I’ve been spotting gold trends everywhere so I thought I would put together a few home decor accessories in the color I’m loving:

Gold Zag Tray, Etsy

Buggie// Flashy Cadet Wallpaper by Abnormals Anonymous

Happy Holiday’s

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From mistletoe to menorahs, holiday presents to holiday parties; Staunton DuBrovin is here to spread the holiday cheer!

We all know that a helping hand can be more than welcome during the festive season, particularly with the task of decorations.

Staunton DuBrovin can do it all for you, from advice on design to the heavy installation of lights and other decorations, allowing you to relax and make the most of your holiday.
Our staff will begin your design project with a brief consultation to get to know your tastes, needs and lifestyle. Based on your preferences,
Staunton DuBrovin will set up a unique design concept for you, combining current trends with traditional holiday colors.

Whether it be for your Christmas Dinner, a Chanukah gathering, an intimate cocktail party to ring in the New Year, Staunton DuBrovin is here to help.

Email or call 212.564.4318 for more information.

Inspiration: Mexico City

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Some of our favorite finds of the week…

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“Almost a Triptych,” Herbert Busemann, 1987

USA, 1987

Neo Geo Painting by Famed Mathematician Herbert Busemann

Herbert Busemann (1905 – 1994) was a German-American mathematician specializing in convex and differential geometry. He is the author of Busemann’s theorem in Euclidean geometry and geometric tomography. He is the author of the Geometry of Geodesics. He was the first American honored with the Soviet prize, named for the Russian geometrician and awarded every four years. Busemann earned his doctorate degree from the University of Goettingen in 1931 and fled Germany with other scientists, artists and intellectuals in the early years of the Third Reich. After retiring as professor emeritus in 1970, he moved to Santa Ynez, California, where he finally devoted the rest of his life to painting. When reporter Lee Dembart visited him after Busemann had won the Lobachevsky Prize in 1985, he found the studio “chockablock with dozens of large canvases painted in vibrantly colored geometrical designs.”

Price:  $2,500

Available at:

NOHO Modern
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 360-3990

Pair of French Empire Style Fauteuils

circa 1870
Painted white distressed finish with pale green accents, the seats upholstered in off-white muslin.

Price: $2,500

Available at:

Argyll & Jasper Antiques
Savannah, GA
Phone: 912.429.6765

Emil Stejnar Sputnik

Unique Austrian sputnik by Emil Stejnar with individual plexiglass crystals and stars. Polished brass with new wiring, stem and canapy.

Available at:

Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-782-6898

The Architect’s Desk by Hans Wegner

A rare desk with a solid teak top over two drawers, on turned teak legs with satin chromed steel rod braces. Designed by Hans Wegner cabinetmaker Johannes Hansen.(chair, lamp, and desk organizer available separately.)


315 Spring St.



Pair Curtis Jere Convex “Hemispheres” Wall Sculptures

Exquisitely executed convex open grid wall sculptures as hemispheres fashioned of brass with scorching and oxidation. Signed and dated. Sold as a pair. Excellent way to bring the world into your home and placed on your wall.

Available at:

North Miami, FL
Phone: 305-893-7800

Edward Wormley for Dunbar Swiveling Desk Chair

Solid walnut four star base on Kilian casters, molded marine-grade plywood with outer walnut veneer barrel-back chair with teal blue leatherette seat and hinged back cushion.

Price: $6,500

BG Galleries – antiques, vintage & modern design
Hingham, MA
Phone: 617.901.4333

Staunton DuBrovin is now on Twitter follow us @STDuBrovin

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Entrepreneurs rush into NYC real estate market…

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By Candace Taylor, The Real Deal magazine, February 2011

Newly launched Staunton DuBrovin is tapping into a market of jet-setters who need someone to take care of their pied-à-terres while they’re away.

The Manhattan-based firm was launched in September 2010 by longtime friends Carastina DuBrovin and Jennifer Kilmurray. Before starting the company, DuBrovin was a real estate agent at Brown Harris Stevens and Kilmurray worked for Quintessentially Concierge, a concierge service based in Manhattan and London.

With more international buyers picking up deeply discounted pied-à-terres in the downturn, the two saw an opportunity. Both noticed that their clients were asking for more help with everything from waiting for the cable guy to furnishing their newly purchased homes. When the duo launched Staunton DuBrovin, they had been providing these kinds of services to their clients individually for some time.

They now head a team of 11 employees — seven in New York and the Hamptons, two in Miami and two in Houston. When a client is coming into town, their staff can be on hand to stock the fridge, turn on lights, heat the pool or do a number of other tasks that Kilmurray said other concierge companies don’t do.

Recently, for example, a Miami client was about to leave for a ski trip when he realized that he needed long underwear. “We had one hour to get thermal underwear in Miami,” Kilmurray laughed.

While the firm caters to the very wealthy, Kilmurray said it’s actually a money-saver for many clients, since they can use their services as much or little as they need, rather than hiring a full-time staff. “We’re a cost-efficient way of managing your home,” she said, noting that the money-saving benefits are especially attractive in the down economy.

Payment plans are customized for individual clients. Some keep the firm on a monthly retainer, paying anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. Others opt for an hourly rate of $60 to $120. The company currently manages 12 apartments in New York City, four homes in the Hamptons, six homes in Miami and three apartments in Houston, Kilmurray said.

Staunton DuBrovin has an office at 71 Gansevoort Street, but overhead is low, Kilmurray said, since staff is paid by the hour based on clients’ needs. She said the company has been profitable since it started, but she declined to say how much money the partners have invested.

The two founders are confident in the model because, while the real estate market may fluctuate, “there will always be people who need our assistance,” DuBrovin said.


Master of the House, Nick Jones’ aspiration to achieve “flip flop glamour”

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Nick Jones, founder of the Soho House empire, has had a busy year, with hotel openings in Miami, Berlin, London and West Hollywood. He says his goal is to create places for socializing with “other unpretentious people who hate techno music and just want a simple roast chicken in a casually glamorous setting.” Mr. Jones designs his members-only clubs and small hotels to location: Miami he describes as”flip-flops chic,” while Berlin makes strategic use of bright color. “I went with chintz because it’s so gray there,” he says. But there are a couple of elements you’ll find at all of the properties: comfortable tufted velvet sofas and good food.

I always start designing with a blank piece of paper. I then go out and find the right space. Next, design to the location, and think about the locals who will be using it.”

Mr. Jones sent the project’s architect, Allan T. Shulman, back to the drawing board, asking him to expand the club and hotel into spaces once reserved for condos.“We needed the space to put in the Soho House features,” Mr. Shulman said. In the redesign, he said, he added a spa (under the Cowshed brand, also part of Soho House UK) and a rooftop pool, as well as what Mr. Shulman called “an elaborate and discreet series of spaces” for eating, drinking and socializing. Soho Beach House encompasses the former Sovereign Hotel, a landmark 1940s Art Deco building, and a new 15-story tower.

Though the facade and lobby of the Sovereign have been restored, the other interiors are entirely new. The original Sovereign had about 100 guest rooms, Mr. Shulman said; Soho Beach House, with twice the square footage, has only half that many. (The largest rooms are 1,500 square feet)

The décor will include about 140 artworks, many contributed — that is, bartered — by Soho House members “as part of a food and drink program,” Mr. Jones said.



An homage to David Collins… it’s all in the details.

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If you’ve ever ordered martinis in the famed Connaught Bar or sipped cocktails at celebrity hangout The Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel in London, you will have witnessed, and no doubt been moved by, the design genius that is David Collins.

The visionary behind such iconic and innovative properties, David is not a man who likes to stand still. He even goes so far as to admit that unless he comes up with something inspiring or creative every day, he doesn’t feel that he has achieved a day’s work.

“I reinvent myself because I am never really happy with what I have done, and I often feel that when I meet somebody new, I am being given an opportunity to do something I have not done before,” says the man behind the successful and innovative David Collins Studio, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Though David is famed for his refined and innovative aesthetics within many leading hotels and restaurants, he is also passionate about communicating his design via other projects, including his latest ones in fashion.

These include a store with Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds on Bond Street and a menswear boutique on the famous Via Montenapoleone in Milan for a member of the Marni family. Not just jobs for David, these projects clearly fill him with passion.

“I think that the people I meet help me reinvent myself, as well as the people I work with,” he says. David applies his reinvention principles to the process of design, too, likening it to fashion and politics in its constant evolution.

And it’s this process of personal and aesthetic reinvention that sums up the David Collins Studio – a one-stop-shop design service, where interior architecture, furniture, lighting and graphic design all interact to seamlessly produce a single strong vision.

“We like to reinvent ourselves and constantly search for new ways of doing things, improving what we have done before,” he reiterates.

It’s an approach that has led to the design studio’s international acclaim over the last 25 years. Beginning with small interior architectural jobs in the residential sector, the business has evolved to expansion within Europe, America and the Far East.


Just because…

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A perfect pair of turquoise Louis XV chairs
From: Timothy Corrigan Antiques

Baxter & Liebchen, The Vintage Advantage

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I have a thing for vintage Scandinavian furniture.  Vintage for some of us, is a real passion. So imagine the thrill of discovering Baxter and Liebchen in the heart of New York’s own DUMBO. It’s not secret that DUMBO is fast becoming your one stop locale for what’s new in the arts and music scene, but it may surprise some of you to find it is also home to Baxter & Liebchen, purveys of extraordinary vintage pieces with an eye for furnishing New York apartments.

For Baxter & Liebchen, selection is key, and they run the gamut from Danish Modern to 1970’s pop, from low cost, unique pieces to famous design icons. They know their market, and offer delivery of these fabulous finds at a fraction of what other heavyweight dealers charge. Plus, they know the housing market, and they know that in New York, bigger isn’t always better. As such, they pieces in stock are often design to specifically work in a functional way within the space you’ve got.

Because Baxter & Liebchen knows that furniture, no matter how to-die-for, can’t be enjoyed if it’s the only thing that will fit in your pad.

Check out their website at





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