Finding a proper vintage siphon…

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Call it a soda siphon, a syphon or a seltzer bottle—it’s a pressurized container for dispensing carbonated water. Remember The Three Stooges shaking bottles and spraying each other in the face? Same thing. But why would you want one? Can’t you buy club soda from the corner shop? You certainly can. In fact, I used to buy cases of San Pellegrino, and if you are making a bunch of drinks, screw-top bottled soda water works just fine. But what if all you need is a couple of ounces to top up your Scotch and soda? Maybe you made some fantastic ginger syrup and you want to have a moscow mule? You could open a bottle of club soda, but most of that water is going to go flat. Once it’s open, you need to use it or lose it.

That’s the real benefit having your own siphon in the refrigerator. Each time you use it, you are not actually opening the bottle. You are merely opening a valve to release only the amount you need. Pull it out for your next round or ignore it until next week—it remains cold and pressurized until it’s gone. No more half bottles going flat and ending up down the drain.

A proper vintage siphon is a must have in accessorizing any bar, here are our suggestions on the finest options around…

We can all use a little help over the holidays…

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Christmas trees, mistletoe, Christmas lights and snow men… We all love Christmas!
However, we all know that a helping hand can be more than welcome during the festive season, particularly with the task of decorations.

Staunton DuBrovin can do it all for you, from advice on design to the heavy installation of lights and other decorations, allowing you to relax and make the most of your Holiday. Our staff will begin your design project with a brief consultation to get to know your tastes, needs and lifestyle. Based on your preferences, Staunton DuBrovin will set up a unique design concept for you, combining current trends with traditional Christmas colors. 

Whether it be for your Christmas Dinner, a Chanukah gathering, an intimate cocktail party to ring in the New Year, Staunton DuBrovin is here to help.

Please email for more information.




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